Cuckoo’s Nest: #GetYourCordsCut

Initially, she was treated politely by everyone when she stopped by to visit, mostly because a visit implies a departure. In short bursts, she wasn’t too bad, and there was no real reason to dislike her. If anything, her profanity-riddled tales about the Farm’s yester-years and decades of marriage to George Mooney were entertaining topics at the weekly Community Meals. For the first time in a long while the Farm had a good vibe and energy going on with the core group of long-timers living there. Then one day it was discovered, by accident, that George’s ex-wife, Gabriella, was moving back to the Farm.

The Energy Sessions had started over the past winter, and it quickly became evident that perhaps akin to her loopy sister living back at their family estate, Gabriella wasn’t playing with a full deck. This went on for several months, she making unannounced visits to the Farm, pulling George away from the tractor and onto the dining room couch where she whisked her fingers around him as if pulling imaginary strings out of his head while he snored away in sheer oblivion.

Somewhere, at some point in time after one of her many self-proclaimed mental breakdowns, Gabriella had discovered a metaphysical movement known as Thoughtless Reality. It was referred to as “Getting Your Cords Cut” in the insider parlance. What she hailed as some sort of sublime dogma that promised to make life “light and easy” was really nothing more than a thinly-veiled cult of manipulation and control invented by two enterprising shysters from Texas.

The whole thing had come into being sometime in the 90s along with energy crystals, suburban yoga studios, and frozen yogurt. Thoughtless Reality appealed almost solely to the demographic of wealthy middle-aged women who had nothing better to do with their time and money – or their husband’s.

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