George Becomes an Outhouse Mogul

Summer saw a business opportunity fall into George’s lap. On the northern edge of town was a sales lot of pre-built cedar chicken coops, compost bins, and outhouses with an “Owner Wanted” sign out front. George called the number on the sign to find out what was what and found out that the manufacturer owned the lot, and that they were looking for someone to take over the business of selling their product in the county.

Astutely not sensing a huge market for outhouses, George inquired if the manufacturer would be willing to start making some storage sheds for him to sell as well. Terms were discussed, arrangements were made, contracts signed, and George became the official Outhouse Mogul of Bonner County. Needing some help with this newest enterprise and not wanting to pay any actual wages, George enlisted the help of his son J.D. and an old student from the reform school, Benny; both of whom were currently unemployed and in need of a place to stay.

Again, more terms were discussed, hands shaken, and it was agreed upon that George would have two cedar sheds built that J.D. and Benny could each live in. Additionally, they would earn some slight commission for each sale that was made, which also allowed George the freedom to do that which he did best: avoid selling cedar outhouses and work a tractor during haying season. Win-Win.

However, if one is to become an Outhouse Mogul, at some point in time one must begin to actually sell some cedar structures. Also, strangely enough, the manufacturer and owner of the lot seemed to think that sales were preferable to sitting inventory, and began to complain rather vociferously two months later to George about his, shall we say, less than impressive performance.

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