George Goes Trick or Treating

Halloween rolled around, and a house party was tentatively planned. There were a few young children currently living at the Farm, and it was suggested they get dressed up and go from cabin to cabin for some good old fashioned trick-or-treatin’. The Seventh Day Adventist’s boy bubbled with excitement over the idea and asked his mother if he could go. The answer was no; such activities were too worldly. They had some Bible studying to do, plus sugar was the Devil’s spice and was not allowed. Nor was fun.

George walked in and sat beside Seth while his girlfriend, Crystal, was in the bathroom getting their daughters ready for Halloween. Seth and Crystal had both been his students at the reform school some years ago, and unfortunately their troubles had followed them into adulthood as well as into George’s home.

He had put them all up in the small sunroom off the side of the house, no questions asked. With the present plethora of god-fearing residents, any misdeeds happening around the Farm were generally traced back to the problematic couple. The smears of ugly tattoos decorating Crystal’s forearms and Seth’s crusty-looking mohawk and scabbed skin didn’t gain them any trust from anyone except George. He figured all they needed was a little helping hand.

Crystal came sauntering out of the bathroom with the two little girls in tow. “Ta-da!” she sang out, beaming with a pride that only a bad mommy with bad habits could have. Between the glitter and sultry streaks of eyeshadow, the skin-tight bodysuits, and pink tiger-print mini-skirts, the girls looked like a pair of pre-pubescent prostitutes.

“Wow! Don’t you girls look pretty!” George called out with a big smile. “Let me see now. Are you dressed up like princesses?” he asked them in his gentle teacher voice.

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