Home Improvement: New Yard Fencing

George had been diligently working his evenings away for a week, replacing the yard fence on the south side of the house. No one was sure why it had been fenced in the first place, but the yard as it was, consisted of a grassy area about forty feet by sixty feet. On the grass were an old picnic table that no one used, an old rotted tree stump, and an old wishing well that looked like it was ready for the burn pile. For some odd reason, the wishing well and the tree stump were both surrounded by chicken wire fencing, presumably to keep the brambles that had been growing inside away from the grass.

Two years back, George had mentioned that he wanted to fence in the grassy area for whatever reason, and upon hearing this Geoffrey had volunteered to construct the fence. This was not an altruistic gesture, but rather a self-serving excuse to play with the tractor, play with a chainsaw, and to play Jeremiah Johnson. In all fairness, it wasn’t all about practicing for the X-Games on the tractor or jihading a bunch of trees – Geoffrey did make an effort to make his log cabin fence look good. It’s just that his efforts weren’t what George had in mind.

Fast forward two years. With Geoffrey gone on a long vacation, George started dismantling all of his handiwork. Additionally, the chicken wire that was surrounding the wishing well was also removed. In a radical departure from anything ever witnessed before at the Farm, George had gone to the local Co-Op and purchased new – NEW – fence posts and wire grid fencing, all of it top of the line. George started by digging holes and setting the new posts around the wishing well.

Copyright © 2019 J.J. West. Fiddlesticks! Tales From A Country Ghetto.
All Rights Reserved.

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