Karaoke Nights

One spring, the Farm added karaoke to its list of amenities. It was going to be a weekly thing, every Saturday night. Nancy had been into the bar scene in her younger years and had the whole setup: the machine, the songs, the speakers, the mics. Her computer had been on the fritz for months, and after she got it fixed it was announced that there would be a karaoke party at George’s house that weekend.

Everyone got excited. Karaoke in Bonner County was hit or miss. The few folks who hosted it seemed to roam from dive bar to dive bar with no particular schedule, and their song collections were by and large crappy country-western picks. There was usually one in town that started at ten o’clock on Sunday nights, far too late for those living and working on Farm time. And there was another one that ran on Friday nights at the Honky Tank in Blanchard, but it was an hour drive each way. So having it right on the Farm pleased everyone, at least in the beginning.

Nancy said she had a top-of-the-line setup and thousands of songs from which to choose. She had acquired a karaoke following back in the day, she bragged, getting regular gigs at bars and parties. As the week wore on, residents kept asking her if she had such-and-such song available for the weekend.

“Oh, no problem,” she told everyone. “If I don’t have it, I can get it.”

She couldn’t. The first night was a flop, and so was just about every other night that followed. Nothing worked. Ever. It was always an ordeal to get the computer connected, or find the right cord, or get the program to run, or find a disk. After a few weeks of this, folks began to wonder if the problem was not with the equipment but rather the operator.

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