Laundry Woes

Whatever one might be thinking is the hardest part of community living at the Farm, you would be wrong. It’s not the incredible turnover rate of new and interesting personalities, drug addictions, alcohol abusers, or random petty thieves. It’s not the eternal debris from years of hoarding by multiple parties or the perpetual shambles of too many bachelors that don’t care and no housekeeper. It’s not the constant melee of animals – wild, farm or domestic, running free and amok – or the overflow of garbage that never seems to make it to the dump. It’s not the diversity of religion, politics, or deeply held beliefs that lead to the inevitable scheming and Lord of the Flies type of behavior. The biggest challenge of community living at the Farm is getting one’s laundry done.

Imagine eighteen or so people all getting the bright idea to do their laundry, all at the same time, and the resulting pandemonium that might occur. In all fairness, George did put some thought into this when he started renting to all of God’s children. When the Newerish side of the house was completed, George had built an upstairs laundry room for the Lady of the Manor’s convenience. This laundry room still services the four upstairs bedrooms on that side of the house, plus Sage and occasionally her boyfriend and daughter. Where George went all out was in restoring the laundry facilities to the Legacy side of the house.

An old washing machine and dryer were unearthed out of the steel barn, tested for functionality to make sure they were compatible with the modern electrical grid, and pronounced good enough for Farm duty. As there was an old washboard tub, complete with newfangled ringer and a length of clothesline nearby, the tenants were impressed that these had not been pressed into service as they still had some life left in them, even if they were pushing 100 years old. A firm believer in waste not want not; no one was sure how George had not elected to have them hand scrub and line dry their clothes.

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