The Honky Tank

Nigel, Nancy, and Eva invited George out to karaoke night at one of the country bars on the other side of the county. The outing had been planned some time in advance, mainly because it was always such an ordeal to get away from the Farm. Either George would forget and be off doing something with his cows, or the county snow plow would forget to clear their road out to the highway, or whatever else. For once they were all home together, and yet they still couldn’t seem to get out the door on time.

Less is more, thought Eva, after waiting a good forty-five minutes for Nancy to get ready for the evening out. She finally came out of her room gussied up like a club tramp, but the effect made her look more like an over-painted clown with outdated cleavage. Nearing seventy, Nancy had apparently never gotten the memo that wearing a plunging neckline and a mask of makeup does not make a woman look younger.

Eva had been looking forward to the night out all week, but now she wasn’t up for it. At least not with the saucy sibling duo of Nigel and Nancy. All they did was complain and insult everything and everyone. Eva had decided to dress up a bit herself, but while she was getting ready Nigel had forced the bathroom door open and laughed at her, saying “Oh honey, don’t waste your time curling your hair. What you need are bigger tits!” Her good mood was ruined.

She didn’t want to let George down by backing out, either. He was so excited about the invitation and said that in all his married years he had never done anything fun like go out singing at a bar with friends. Tonight was his first time ever. He had even gone so far as to put on his clean shirt and fancy black suspenders and had been waiting patiently in his chair beside the wood stove for the past hour.

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