Tweaker for Hire: Ozzy

Olivia and Ozzy had moved to the Farm in great need of a place to stay and no funds to pay for lodging. Naturally, George had taken them in and as per usual, no background checks were conducted or references checked, nor were any deposits or rents paid. There was the suggestion made that Ozzy might be willing to trade labor for rent doing odd jobs for George, and so George figured, why not?

Imagine George’s surprise when Olivia’s probation officer showed up for a visit. After the awkward home inspection and questioning of its proprietor, both parties were told to watch their steps, and the probation officer moved on to his next lost soul. George, being naturally curious, asked Olivia what was up.

Olivia replied that they had been pulled over and caught with Ozzy’s meth. As she was in love and trying to save him, she had taken the rap for him. She further assured George that Ozzy was now clean, that neither of them was using or doing anything illegal, and that George would be proud to have them as non-paying tenants. George agreed but said that he would need to put Ozzy to work in order to feel right about the situation.

As such, Ozzy was put in charge of dismantling the original farmhouse, board by board, so that the old materials could be used for future farm projects. The rest of the people living at the Farm weren’t too sure of George’s plans and pointed out various clues to George that something might be amiss. Clue number one was that Ozzy’s work schedule seemed to begin at 10 pm and last for a day or so until he passed out in the yard. Clue number two was the obvious scabs that covered his arms and legs and seemed to be from constantly scratching and picking at his skin. Clue number three was the complete lack of common sense that he demonstrated while working on his project.

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