Campfire Tales: Improving Freedom Creek

One night around the campfire, Geoffrey was trying to impress Date Number Three of the week by pontificating on the goodness of his favorite wine, Freedom Creek. As everyone else had heard this story about a bazillion times already, normal campfire tactics were used and the conversation was attempted to be hijacked by veering off in various tangents. Jim asked if any of the bodies of former dates that Geoffrey kept in Dead Hooker Storage had preferred Freedom Creek, George pointed out the space station in orbit and said he thought he saw a Walmart banner being towed behind it, and Randy said wine was for men with gender identification issues.

Geoffrey was unflustered by all of this and continued with his story as he had the first time he told it. Some months earlier in the dead of winter, while everyone was sitting around the big table in the Legacy house, Geoffrey was well into his second jug of Freedom Creek when someone was inclined to question his manhood and sexual orientation. Geoffrey proceeded to try to impress everyone by stating that he had sampled wines ranging in value from $2 to $2,000 per bottle, and that by far he preferred the aroma, bouquet, and taste of Freedom Creek, costing roughly six dollars for a magnum size jug.

Jim asked how it compared to Boone’s Farm, Randy was curious how it stacked up against Ripple and Thunderbird, and George was eager to know how it matched up with Night Train. Geoffrey was unaffected by the ribbing he was receiving, and to further make his points he went to his room and returned with another jug of Freedom Creek and a book titled Wine Tasting for Dummies. He opened the book and walked everyone through the various chapters to show how to properly sample and appreciate the goodness of the grape that is Freedom Creek.

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