George Runs For Office (Again)

The early afternoon of the Fourth of July, George returned to the Farm, exited his truck, and whistled his way up to the group of residents that had congregated on the front porch. Everyone present was surprised to see George dressed in clean jeans and a clean shirt, and inquiries were made if he had accidentally stumbled into church sometime between breakfast and the city’s annual parade. George replied that no, he had missed church for the 964th time, and that he had actually been in the parade.

Jim immediately wanted to know if the Bonner County Democrats had a car in the parade, and was it George driving this year or was it his turn to ride in the back and wave at everyone while he made the other Democrat drive. George shocked everyone by saying that he was in the parade because all candidates for office get to have a car and decorate it up. “Candidate for what?” Jim asked. “I thought you had given up on politics?”

George had been perpetually running for office for the last twenty years. Well, more than fifteen but less than thirty years. State Senate, State Representative, School Board, Library Trustee, it didn’t matter. If there was an office up for election that didn’t have a Democrat signed up to run for it already, George threw his hat in as a candidate whether he was qualified or not. As one of the two remaining Democrats left in Bonner County, George was determined to keep up appearances for his party and maybe accomplish some good along the way. That, and he figured the crazy woman from Clark Fork, the other Democrat, who spent most of her time counting the geese at the beach, was incapable of filling out the form to run for office, so basically it was all up to George.

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