George’s New Tenters

Midsummer saw a new addition to the Farm, Dean and Diana. They had come by several months earlier when snow was on the ground looking for a place to stay, but no room was available at the time, and still wasn’t. Despite being an outhouse and shed mogul, George was running out of ways to install a new rental shed on the Farm, as he had once tried. Between the expensive acquisitions of non-performing machinery, Gabriella’s insistence on tidying up the place by moving said non-performing heaps of junk to newer, better locations, and an ever-increasing number of non-paying renters, George was at a loss on how to sell himself another shed.

Dean and Diana were now desperate for housing and asked if they could just pitch a tent anywhere on the Farm until something better could be arranged. Never one to pass up the opportunity for potential future payment, and always willing to help out, George agreed and hands were shaken, deposits not made, and rents not collected. The three of them then began to ponder the most suitable tent location on the Farm. George immediately pointed out the spot where Ted had built his claptrap shack before dragging it up into the woods beside the swamp. The site was fairly level, close to the house yet out of the way, and offered a view of the cows and their cow pies. Diana and Dean had only one concern, and that was the waterproofing ability of their tent.

That’s when they noticed the half-empty hay barn and asked if they could set up camp there. George thought it over for a minute, and swayed by the promise of rental income, maybe, possibly sometime in the future, he agreed. His only stipulation was that haying season would be commencing soon, and hay bales would be rolling in by the end of July, so the tent would need to be waterproofed by then and relocated to Ted’s shack site with its view of the cows. Done deal.

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