Tweaker for Hire: Earl

Earl came to the Farm one day, low on funds and looking for a place to stay. A few years back Earl had earned a full-ride scholarship to the Boundary County Reform School where George was a teacher, and lo and behold, both remembered the other. A quick conversation was struck up, hands were shaken, and a room was agreed to be rented, with George having completely forgotten how and why Earl had earned his full ride in the first place: by being kicked out of the regular high school for drugs and truancy.

During their initial meeting, George inquired of Earl what he was currently up to. Earl replied that he was working for a concrete contractor and that he was getting ready to start his own general contracting business. This pleased George greatly, as he was always happy to hear of any of his former students doing anything other than working as exotic dancers, or as budtenders at the smoke shops down in Spokane. George was so impressed by Earl’s success that he offered to trade out the room in exchange for Earl doing construction work around the Farm. Earl was pleased to have this arrangement as well, as he had no money for a security deposit or rent, what with starting a new venture.

Earl’s first project was to help build a new barn, dubbed the Horse Hilton, with J.D. and Randy supervising, just in case, and the building was completed within just a few days. There had been a few issues related to things being straight, square, and plumb with the barn, but the general consensus had been that Randy and J.D. were negligent in their supervisory roles, both having maintained a steady BAC level of .18 during the entire project. Little notice had been paid to Earl’s ability to randomly fall off of ladders, fall off of the roof, chuck random tools into the pasture, or his need to run up to his room every hour or so for a quick “energy drink”.

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