One Clueless Landlord.
18 Tenants.
No Background Checks.
No Money Down.
No Questions Asked.

Don’t waste too much time trying to make sense of the rural rascality at George Mooney’s dysfunctional family farm in North Idaho when he opens his doors to anyone with ten bucks and a handshake. Follow these non-bucolic tales of life in a country ghetto and ponder the meaning of the high cost of low rent by asking only two questions: Was drinking involved? And, what could possibly go wrong?

Like North Idaho’s Tiger King,
but with fewer tigers and more tractors.

Sandpoint Free Press


Thirty-six saucy stories of low-rent life when a retired reform school teacher turns his family farm into North Idaho’s most notorious backwoods boarding house. >>


Use this guide to keep track of all the whosies & whatsits of everyone and everything in the stories. >>

Campfire Tales

Was drinking involved?” The answer to the question lies at George Mooney’s renowned ranch in North Idaho, where crazy concentrations of people incite crazy behavior. >>


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Want to try before you buy? Sample a 300-word passage from each chapter and feel better about yourself when you realize how much worse off you could be. >>

Booze may not be the answer,
but it helps you to forget the question.

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