By J. J. West

Written and published with love and good humor in Sandpoint, Idaho.

We should all be so lucky to be as rich as George is in love, happiness, family, friends, and memories.

New Yard Fencing, Fiddlesticks!

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Sounds like a modern day Cannery Row of North Idaho.

Patricia F., Clark Fork resident

Like North Idaho’s Tiger King, but with fewer tigers and more tractors.

Sandpoint Free Press

Zero stars.

48 North Book Review

Fiddlesticks! is like Patrick McManus and Mark Twain gone bad.

Jim, former resident

George is the colloquial metaphor most of us have made fun of at one point or another in our lives, but all of us hope to meet.

Chris H., review reader

The kind of people who would like this book would enjoy The Little Politically-Incorrect House on the Drunken Prairie.

Sandpoint Free Press

This could totally be a movie or a reality show.

Jewel P., Montana horse lady

Sometimes bad choices make really good stories. Campfire Tales is proof of that.

Lawrence Fury, opinion writer

Everyone, everywhere, knows someone in this book.

Tim J., retired reader in rural Utah

This book could be a drinking game.

Frank Fitz, retired Marine

These tales of rural debauchery make the term ‘country drunk’ a vast understatement.

Dade Dingle, author

Like Bonner County’s underground directory of bad behavior.

Hank, former resident

Despite it all, with George liking everyone he met,
everyone liked him right back.

How George Became A Slumlord, Campfire Tales