Custom Vinyl Decals

Sticker vs. label vs. decal: what’s the difference? The short answer is it depends on how it’s going to be used. Stickers are graphic in design, like a logo or picture, and small enough to be peeled off the liner and stuck to a flat surface. Labels are informational in design, used for product packaging or identification purposes. Decals can be graphic or informational, but generally larger in size, and often require a transfer tape to apply them to walls, windows, floors, or vehicles.

Bonner Media can produce custom vinyl decals whether they measure in inches or feet, for indoor or outdoor use. For lettering or logos up to three colors, cut vinyl is the way to go and we have dozens of colors in stock as well as specialty vinyls like metallic and reflective. If your design is detailed or photographic it will be printed with ink on white or clear vinyl, laminated, and die cut to your order specifications.

Want something unique with a minimum of one? We can do that!

  • Weatherproof and waterproof, won’t smear or fade
  • Die cut to exact shape or square/round cut
  • Retail window lettering
  • Applied to any smooth, non-porous surface: metal, glass, plastic, laptops, travel mugs, equipment surfaces, instruments, tools, plastic totes, and lots more
  • Our stock vinyl is rated to last up to six years

Visit the Vehicles page for more information about decals for cars, trucks, boats, bikes, and other moving equipment.